About PerPharmance



PerPharmance is all about the use of actors or performance practitioners(PPs), as we call them, in market research.  We specialise in using PPs within pharmaceutical, healthcare and drug development market research.  Actors (PPs) can help our clients to better understand issues and behaviours between patients and HCPs.  They allow our healthcare and pharmaceutical market research clients to observe interactions as our PPs role-play them.


Our methodology taps into an under-explored area of market research. Using actors who are specially trained in healthcare role-play allows us to bring situations to life.  We can gather a rich understanding of patient HCP interactions that cannot be easily understood or explained otherwise. Observing and analysing human behaviour is the best way to understand human problems.


PerPharmance works using the following 8 step process.


Two very different individuals created PerPharmance: one a professional theatre-maker and the other a pharmaceutical consultant. This unique blend of skills allows us to work in pharmaceutical market research like no other company.   It means our PPs can probe and bring a layer of incredible realism to each market research scenario.

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